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We try to make our contribution to the common cause. Apply your knowledge, experience and opportunities to make technology work for the benefit of people. To help special children and their parents live a full life. Now this is just one mobile application called "First Then", but we have far-reaching plans to create several similar applications. Now we have started the development of the second "Schedule Board" application.

We set our goal to make applications accessible to everyone, so we make applications free of charge and without annoying advertising. However, this is not easy enough and we want to encourage all not indifferent people to join in and contribute. Now there is a need to implement the support of as many languages ​​as possible in the application. Therefore, if you installed the application and did not find support in it for the language selected in your device, you can write to us and together we can make a good translation. And also, if the language is supported, but the translation contains errors, too, please write. Also, you can bring a huge benefit if you send us your wishes, comments or ideas for improving applications. And, of course, we will try to answer your questions.

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